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UK spaceman Tim Peake is stepping down permanently from his role as a European astronaut.

Hes going to take up a full-time ambassadorial position for science and space instead - work hes been doing since 2019.

The former British Army Air Corps helicopter pilot was selected as a European Space Agency (Esa) astronautin 2009.

He flew to the space station for a six-month tourin 2015/2016.

Being an Esa astronaut has been the most extraordinary experience, Tim Peake said.

I have had the privilege of working with an exceptional team of dedicated individuals during the past 13 years with the agency, which has been incredibly exciting and rewarding.

By assuming the role of an ambassador for human spaceflight, I shall continue to support Esa and the UK Space Agency, with a focus on educational outreach, and I look forward to the many exciting opportunities ahead.

In a tweet following the announcement, he didnt rule out future trips into space.

And as for getting back to space again - never say never! he tweeted.

Disabled man joins Europes astronaut programme

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In November last year, Esa unveiled UK citizens Rosemary Coogan, John McFall and Meganne Christian as new astronaut candidates.

Coogan is set to begin training in April; McFall is joining a feasibility study to see if he can fly as a disabled astronaut (hes a former Paralympic blade runner); and Christian is a reserve and could join the corps if someone else drops out.

Tim Peakes selection into the Esa astronaut corps in 2009 was a surprise because the UK was not participating in the agencys human spaceflight programme at the time.

Butthis policy changed as a consequenceand now Britain plays its part, helping to fund the programme and send experiments to the International Space Station.

The UK, as an Esa member state, is also involved in the US space agency Nasas Artemis programme to go back to the Moon and will be supplying equipment for a new lunar space station.

Dr Paul Bate, the UK Space Agencys CEO, said: Tim Peake is an incredible ambassador for the UK space sector and has played a leading role over the past decade.

Not only has he carried out important scientific work, during his historic Principia mission to the International Space Station and while on Earth, but he has inspired millions with his passion for space and the opportunities it offers.

Hailing from Chichester, Tim Peake was the UKs first official astronaut, going into orbit on a government ticket. But he was preceded by other UK-born citizens, notably Helen Sharman, who went to the Mir space station in 1991 on a private programme organised with the Russians.

A number of UK-born individuals were also able to fly before him with Nasa because they had acquired US citizenship - figures like Michael Foale and Piers Sellars.

However, during his Principia mission on the ISS, Tim Peake did become the first person to complete a spacewalk while sporting a Union flag on his shoulder.

The ISS tour also saw him control a rover on Earth remotely from orbit, help dock two spacecraft, and even run the London marathon on a treadmill.

For isolated communities at the top of the world, keeping the planets largest land predators -- polar bears -- out of town is key to coexistence. In one Canadian town, polar bears that cant be scared off are kept in an air-conditioned bear jail until they can be flown out onto the sea ice. Such bear patrols have long succeeded in reducing conflict.

Britains Tim Peake has hung up his spacesuit, stepping down from Europes astronaut corps to become an ambassador for space activities, the European Space Agency said on Friday.Britains Rosemary Coogan joined the ESAs astronaut corps in November, while British doctor and Paralympian John McFall was named the first-ever astronaut recruit with a disability.

From the ISS, you can see many fires between the dark patches of rainforests and the light green areas of agriculture, Astronaut Matthias Maurer said.

In England and Northern Ireland the deposit return scheme will be limited to plastic and metal containers.

The report from 12 independent experts found toxic chemicals and dredging were very unlikely causes.

The crocodiles were likely sacrificed to reach Sobek, the god of fertility, an archaeologist told Insider.

Tim Peake has announced he will step down from the European Space Agencys (ESA) astronaut corps, meaning he will no longer be considered for a mission to the Moon.

Yale University has announced changes to its policies to support students mental health, including allowing students the ability to take time off from school. The Connecticut-based, Ivy League school said in an email to students Wednesday they are now permitted to take a medical leave of absence from school due to medical reasons rather than withdrawing. In addition, students are now eligible for four terms of leave, an increase from two, can transition to affiliate coverage for health insurance while on leave and can utilize campus resources, like the library, also while on leave.

The times on the clock shifted from p.m. to a.m., the day from Thursday to Friday, and Andy Murray never wavered, never relented, no matter that he faced a two-set hole at the Australian Open, no matter that he is 35 and possesses an artificial hip, no matter that this was the longest and latest-finishing match of his long, illustrious career. The three-time major champion and 26-year-old Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis stared down exhaustion and each other for 5 hours, 45 minutes of compelling theater in a second-round contest at Melbourne Park until Murray emerged with a 4-6, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (5), 6-3, 7-5 victory that ended a little after 4 a.m. Murray won 196 points, Kokkinakis 192.

Customers who recycle the cans and drinks bottles will have the new fee returned to them.

The warming of the waters off the East Coast has come at an invisible, but very steep cost the loss of microscopic organisms that make up the base of the oceans food chain. The growing warmth and saltiness of the Gulf of Maine off New England is causing a dramatic decrease in the production of phytoplankton, according to Maine-based scientists who recently reported results of a yearslong, NASA-funded study. Phytoplankton, sometimes described as an invisible forest, are tiny plant-like organisms that serve as food for marine life.

Our view of the stars has been reduced every year over the last decade by artificial light pollution.

The first U.S. rocket stage to be recovered after its launch, an artifact from Gemini 5, has landed at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Museum, not far from where it lifted off almost 60 years ago.

ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. TullyWhile the James Webb Space Telescope has been getting a lot of love and attention lately (and for good reason), its easy to forget that the stalwart Hubble is still alive and kickingmostly. In fact, the aging telescopenow in its 32nd yearis still doling out spectacular new images of deep space and its latest came with a surprise of its own.NASA and its partners at the European Space Agency released this stunning image of what they fittingly dubbed a cosmic treasur

In 2021, China earned a place in the Martian history books as it became the second nation to touch down on the Red planet. Now, the star of that mission, a rover called Zhurong, may be in trouble. Reports out of China say the rover has yet to wake up from its planned hibernation. The

If we live in a simulation run by an advanced computer, does that mean we can hack it? Heres what one scientist says.

The rocket launch could be heard in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

An image taken by an Austrian comet hunter reveals a disconnection in Comets C/2022 E3 (ZTF) tail that may have been caused by turbulent space weather.

Archaeologists uncovered a number of artifacts, including rare traces of woodworking.

The abandoned tomb had 10 reptilian mummies, photos show.

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