The new EP – released 19th February 2011
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Maffiss is Jonathan Ogden, a Manchester-based songwriter who began writing and recording material in 2010. His self-titled debut EP was released on 19th February 2011. Inspired by a wide range of musical genres, such as folk, rock, classical and electronic, his music is an experimental and eclectic mix of styles, with a sound of its own.

Jonathan is a Christian and describes his music as "worship music, that doesn't necessarily sound like worship music". And this is certainly true with his debut EP, which features a wide range of styles, including ethereal instrumental pieces and uptempo electronic songs.



  • No Distance Too Far

    I just finished a new song! I’ve been writing little bits and bobs since the release of the EP, and this is the first one that has become a finished song. One thing I noticed about the self-titled EP was that it was a lot more chilled out than I first realised. I think after writing so many different songs and then cutting it down to 6 tracks, I managed to cut it down to 6 fairly chilled ones, with a couple of loud parts. With the songs I’m writing … Continue reading

  • The Maffiss EP

    The time has come! The Maffiss EP that I’ve been working on for a good few months now has been released into the wild! I’ve had some great feedback from the CDs I’ve sold to my friends and family (they got it a bit early!) and people seem to be really enjoying it. The EP was released online today and you can grab it from the following places: If you want the physical package (digital download included) then get it from BandCamp – I would recommend this option as you … Continue reading

  • All done

    There’s no turning back now! The CD is finished, tweaked, mixed and all that stuff. I’ve designed the packaging and sent it off to print, and now the songs have been sent off to the digital stores, ready for release on the 19th Feb. The EP should be appearing on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and the Zune store on the 19th. That’s assuming everything goes to plan. The physical release should be done by then too. The packages are on their way, and I’ve gone for some rather fancy schmancy … Continue reading


Click the track names to see lyrics, info and the process that went into each track.

"Maffiss" is the self-titled debut EP with 6 original tracks. Released on 19th February 2011. Remixes also available for free download.

Remixes 1
Available for free download.
Bon Iver, The Ting Tings, Royksopp and more...

Remixes 2
Available for free download.
Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, Yeasayer and more...

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Also available as a physical CD from BandCamp or BigCartel.